Greek-French political scientist and regular contributor to Neos Kosmos, Dr. Georges Tassiopoulos, will present an online-only lecture, “Græcia Gallica: The Greek Diaspora in France,” on Thursday, 20 June 2024, at 7 pm for the Greek History and Culture Seminars, hosted by the Greek Community of Melbourne.

The lecture is timely as French President, Emmanuel Macron called snap French parliamentary election after far-right National Rally party made major gains in last week’s EU election.

Dr Tassiopoulos has contributed opinion and analysis on a wide range of subjects in relation to Greece and France, such as reflections on European integration in, ‘A new world order, or not’, the shift in Greek politics away from coalitions, ‘Greece’s electoral shift: the changing dynamics and no coalitions‘, , the impact of radical Islamic terrorism in France in ‘Defending the Republic: The ongoing struggle to protect French teachers‘, and more.

Dr. Tassiopoulos, is an expert in Greek and French politics, and in broader geopolitics of Europe and the Mediterranean. He was born in Athens in 1973, with familial roots tracing back to Messenia and the Dodecanese islands, Dr. Tassiopoulos relocated to France over two decades ago.

French President Emmanuel Macron and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis attend a European Union leaders summit in Brussels, Belgium March 21, 2024. Photo: AAP/Yves Herman

“The purpose of this presentation is to explain to a Greek Diaspora audience, on the one hand, the longstanding Greek presence in France, and the essential role played by important Greek French individuals in both countries,” said Dr. Tassiopoulos.

He will delve into the past and examine the present to provide a deeper understanding of the interplay between Greece and France. Dr. Tassiopoulos’s interdisciplinary approach, coupled with a deep empirical and theoretical understanding, promises a captivating exploration of the historical and contemporary ties between Greece and France.

Dr. Tassiopoulos will illuminate the enduring connection between the two nations, spanning over 2600 years of shared history. From cultural exchanges to political alliances, the presentation will highlight the multifaceted relationship that continues to shape the identities of both countries.

Event Details:

When: Thursday, 20 June 2024, at 7pm

Where: Streamed live on both Facebook and YouTube