There are those in life that rise above the maelstrom of life’s challenges by bearing arms and fighting the good fight. Peter was one of them. Unorthodox in his methodologies but brilliant in the execution of them.

One of the many pillars of the Diaspora who was not afraid to take the bull by the horns and do what was right, no matter the odds. A truly magnificent family man who would do anything and I mean anything for them. A man who kept his friends close and was always at the forefront of many battles against the dark forces of anti-Hellenism, anti semitism and anything that was un-Australian.

A great and proud Australian, one who loved Australia with all his might and gave it his all, no matter what the issue was. Peter was also very proud of his Pontian Ancestry and a stalwart companion to anyone who needed help. Working behind the scenes, Peter was a skilful negotiator, excellent communicator and a leader in every sense of the word.

On a personal level, Peter was instrumental in the romance and eventual marriage with my wife, Yovanna. Peter supported the romance at a time when I was alone, raising four sons and Yovanna was living in Canada. Every time we would meet, I would thank him for his support.

I had the pleasure of working alongside Peter as his Training Manager at a time when he was the Chief Executive Officer at the Welfare Centre of the Greek Archdiocese of Australia. Peter built the Welfare centre to such great heights that rivalled other Welfare agencies during a time others were flagging.

Peter also supported the Hellenic ANZAC Memorial in Greece and assisted me with various matter regarding its construction and contributed to its longevity. His love of two cultures was well known and Peter embraced both with with fear or favour. In essence, Peter was a good man.

My sincere condolences to Helen his wife and two children. Rest now o warrior, your battles are over. Join now in heavenly prayer with those who have gone before. You will be sadly missed.