Ancient Greece


What the Greek tragedy Antigone can teach us about the dangers of extremism

In a Greek tragedy written in the middle of the fifth century BC, three teenagers struggle with a question that could be asked now: What happens when a ruler declares …


Ancient Greek democracy and democracy in the upcoming elections are two separate things

Democracy – the English word – is, as every schoolgirl knows, of ancient Greek derivation. Democracy – the thing – as it is practised around the world today is quite …


To meat or not to meat?

More and more Greek Australians are choosing a cruelty-free lifestyle, abstaining not only from eating meat but all animal products. Paul Collaros has taken his ideology one step further by …


The battle for Arabic Crete

For approximately 135 years, Crete, an island that is, in the Greek popular consciousness, inextricably linked to the foundations of civilisation and Greece itself, was one of the major foes …


Greek identity and the prisoner of Filopappou Hill

Up the hill of Filopappou we go. The path we follow is nothing more than a clearing, sandstones crushed by centuries of footsteps. Left and right aged pine trees blinker …

How to survive a siege

In an ancient manual about warfare, Aeneas offers hints, tips, tricks, practical solutions and advice about preparing for, surviving and fighting back a city siege and how to use a

A new visual Homer?

Ancient Greece was an important source of inspiration for Karl Lagerfeld’s stylings for the 2011 Pirelli calendar.

An Ancient Greek walks into a bar…

Did the Ancient Greeks tell jokes? Michael C. Scott has a look behind the punchlines

The Spectacle of drama

Michael C. Scott reveals the stark difference between theatre in ancient Greece and today

Carrot pill anyone?

Medical pills found aboard an ancient Greek shipwreck provide insight into ancient treatments and complex trading networks