Karamanlis: I am standing down as leader of New Democracy

Outgoing Greek prime Minster, Costas Karamanlis, has conceded defeat and has announced that he will be standing down as leader of New Democracy.


PASOK wins government in electoral landslide

PASOk has enjoyed a swing of over 7 percent which will see it emerge as the governing party in Greece with an clear majority and a mandate for change.


Exit polls give PASOK victory

Three exit polls in Greece give PASOK a clear victory in the national elections and the distinct possibility that it will govern in its own right.


Housebuilding and peacock chasing in Greece

Building a house in Greece was such an ordeal,John Humphrys and Chris Humphrys co-wrote a book about the experience.


Actor blessed with talent

Victoria Haralambidou talks about her role in the Anna Kokkinos movie, Blessed, and about having a career in two countries – Greece and Australia.


Father Themi: The Missionary Man

Father Themi updates Neos Kosmos on the progress of his missionary work in the western African state of Sierra Leone.

A wedding of three cultures

Three weddings, two countries and 250 guests were some of the challenges faced by Nadi and Spiro Pyrlis in incorporating Indian, Persian and Greek traditions into their wedding exp


Bruce Springsteen’s river flows long and strong at the age of sixty

On the occasion of Bruce Springsteen’s sixtieth birthday Theo Giantsos explores the ‘The Boss’s’ four decade legacy.


Laws needed to curb morally corrupt behaviour of our corporate citizens

Jeana Vithoulkas makes the case for providing legislative sanctions for when corporate Australia breaches is corporate and civic responsibilities.


Show us your kefi!

Young Greeks with talent will be able to show their wares as part of the 2009 Odyssey Festival in Adelaide.