You know that ‘best time to visit Greece’ myth? Unless you’ve lived in the country or spent time as a local would, you might have fallen for it.

Greek summer, yes, it’s awesome. Nobody can deny this. But if you’re thinking August marks the end, think again and keep reading for inspiration and visual evidence.

Meanwhile, whatever month you choose for your trip, there is still time to benefit from Delphi Bank’s annual Foreign Exchange Campaign.

Scenic viewpoint in Keri, Zakynthos. The village at the Ionian island is said to uniquely combine beach and mountain holidays. Photo: Kevin Charit/Unsplash.

Buying or selling foreign currency (Euro, Pounds or US Dollars) or transferring money overseas (International Telegraphic Tsansfer, Overseas Drafts) until Friday 2 September 2022:

  • Saves you the Bank fees
  • Gives you the chance to win 2 x Return Airfares to Greece*

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Some perks of visiting Greece off high season

  • Slimmer crowds

Not everyone enjoys the packed with crowds sokakia (narrow streets) of the Greek island summer experience

Soaring temperatures bring soaring crowds and August is typically the peak month for bookings in accommodation and everything else.

Finding some peace of mind in Mykonos? Not impossible if you visit after mid-September.  Photo: Pixabay/ DanaTentis
  • Access to more destinations

Feeling adventurous? Give an autumn/spring trip to Greece a go.

It could be a good excuse to try something new at a quiet time of the year.

Moving past the cliché of ‘best’ time to visit Greece makes it easier to discover off-beaten track destinations. Here, the not-so-hidden gem of the lake of Kastoria in Northwestern Greece, listed as a “Natural Monument of outstanding beauty” by the Greek Ministry of Culture. Photo: Pixabay
  • More chances for authentic hospitality

When a tourist haven reaches capacity, it doesn’t only feel crammed for you as a visitor. It is also quite busy for the local who works there.

Inevitably, things get more automatic when it comes to service and hospitality experiences.

Late spring is considered a good time to visit Meteora, for crowds are less hectic then. Plus, nature is at its best. The hanging monasteries are nothing sort of majestic and UNESCO knows it, having designated a handful of them as World Heritage Sites. Photo: Pixabay.

Back home after a European summer experience?

No time is better for that long-awaited trip overseas than when the opportunity arises.

If you’ve had yours already and returned with some extra foreign currency in your pocket, you can turn it back to Australian dollars fee-free until 2 September.

As part of the Foreign Exchange Campaign running till that date, Delphi Bank offers buy-back any of your unused Euro, UK Pound or US Dollars at competitive rates with zero bank fees.

Value for money

If you’re flexible with your dates, consider a visit beyond the typical ‘Greek summer’ months of June, July, August.

Chances are you will find:

–     Cheaper rates in accommodation
–     Discounted prices/Offers

Did you know that admission to the Acropolis is free on the first Sunday of each month from 1 November to 31 March Photo: Pixabay.

But saving money does not necessarily mean compromising on your travel dates of choice.

Whether you choose to go to Greece during or off high season, you still have time until 2 September to make use of Delphi Bank’s Foreign Exchange Campaign.

How do you benefit? By avoiding getting stuck waiting in exchange lines for your money or taking care of that overseas money transfer you’ve been planning lately, whist:

  • Paying zero bank fees
  • Entering the competition for a chance to WIN 2 x Return Airfares to Greece*.

Tell me more about Delphi Bank’s campaign

As part of their annual Foreign Exchange Campaign, Delphi Bank has partnered up with Qatar Airways to give their customers a chance to win 2 x Return Airfares to Greece*.

During the campaign, until Friday 2 September there are no Bank fees on Foreign Currency Exchange and International Telegraphic Transfers.

Taking up one or more services of the Foreign Exchange Campaign, before Friday 2 September 2022, you are automatically entered into the competition for the airfares.

Foreign Exchange Campaign services include:

  • Buy foreign currency (Euro, Pounds or US Dollars)
  • Sell foreign currency (Euro, Pounds or US Dollars)
  • International Telegraphic Transfers
  • Overseas Drafts

Find out more visiting a Delphi Bank team in-branch or online via the Delphi Bank website.

*Terms and Conditions Apply.