If you are Greek, whether you grew up in Australia, Greece or elsewhere in the world, chances are you have partaken in at least one commemorative event for the 1821 War of Independence bicentenary.

You might have changed your Facebook profile picture temporarily to a 200 years frame. Maybe you joined an online seminar on a Revolution aspect you wanted to explore more. Or had a chat with your child about the meaning of the anniversary.

Perhaps you did all or none of the above. There is not one set way to honour the struggles and sacrifices of our ancestors.

But what is special this year, is the opportunity we have to keep the momentum beyond the 25 March date.

A glance at this all-year-round event calendar is enough to understand the commitment is alive in Australia.

And in a community as value-driven as ours, the commitment to our history and culture is reflected in our services.

For Delphi Bank, part of celebrating 200 years of the homeland’s independence with customers, team and fellow Greek Australians, is honouring the present-day heroes in our own community.

Their Community Recognition Events aim to acknowledge those who have modelled the Hellenic spirit.

The inaugural event was dedicated to the work undertaken by the Hellenic Studies and Research Association for establishing La Trobe University as a permanent home for thousands of Hellenic Archives.

Several events, recognising both individuals and organisations, have followed since.

The initiative is additional to Delphi Bank’s ‘business as usual’ community-oriented actions and programs.

Like Delphi Connect, which was launched after COVID hit in 2020, to replace the quarterly Business Discussion Groups.

Just like in the face-to-face sessions, the online interview series connects Delphi Bank customers with leading experts in areas ranging from property, economics and community affairs to nutrition and research.

Including those pioneers in our community who have been at the frontline of our health battles, before and beyond COVID-19.

Finding alternative ways to come together with community and loved ones has been a priority for all during the pandemic.

And for those of us with strong ties to Greece, keeping the connection alive has meant resorting to substitutes for travel.

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For anything overseas, whether it’s sharing joyful events with family, offering support through tough times, doing business or sorting out tax affairs, online and remote is the new norm for us in Australia while travel restrictions are in place.

Delphi Bank prides itself for helping people stay connected with Greek community and culture.

And launching their FX Campaign again this year, means any existing or new individual customer with affairs overseas – including Greece – can benefit from a cost-saving offer, available until Friday 16 July 2021.

What you need to know:

  • No Delphi Bank foreign currency exchange fees when buying or selling Euro, Pounds or US dollars
  • No Delphi Bank fees on International Telegraphic Transfers
  • No minimum or maximum limit to the amount you send overseas

If you are Greek and based in Australia, chances are you miss travelling.

Delphi Bank says their FX Campaign is premised on the same spirit that informs “everything we do”:

“Supporting our customers. Because whilst we still may not be able to travel as freely, our connection to culture never ends.”

Keeping Hellenic culture alive in Australia is no easy task. But so far, we’ve done pretty well. And the 1821 Revolution bicentenary has been a good reminder.

Participants of the War of Independence re-enactment outside Melbourne’s Greek Orthodox Church, The Annunciation of Our Lady, joined by Delphi Bank’s National Community Engagement Manager, Paul Orfanos. Photo: Supplied

When celebrating big successes, we remember that collectives achieve more than individuals.

The Hellenic Australian community is filled with examples and our clubs are the first in mind.

To ensure younger generations have all the support they need to continue upholding our culture, Delphi Bank aims to walk the talk in being “more than just a bank”.

Providing the space for Greek culture to thrive in Delphi Bank branches is nothing new, the team says, citing more than 20 years of keeping their doors open for customers and community.

“All of our branches aim to have the same essence, where our customers and community can come together, not only for their banking needs, but to connect with others and share stories and insights. We like to think of them as community hubs.”

The Delphi Bank Fee Free offers are available until Friday 16 July 2021. Terms and conditions apply. For more information visit the Delphi Bank website delphibank.com.au or call 1300 660 550.

Delphi Bank is proudly part of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited.