Swingers convention on Crete
Aristea Petras Bravo Crete, didn’t expect this and Cretans are suppose to be strict.
Con Laz Love island… Lol.
Kay Fountis Now that’s a Reality TV show just waiting to happen!
Loula Papandreou My goodness, we toured the area only a few days ago! There were thousands of people! Never thought about this!

Name your newborn baby
Kallimachos Savvas Grigoropoulos Always give your children real authentic Hellenic names!
Manuel Lykopandis Personally I named my children after our parents because 1) of God’s commandments is to honour your mother and father and 2) heritage, as my kids can trace their ancestry, and 3) it’s the Greek tradition.

PAOK v AEK in empty stadium
Harry Sevastopoulos The game in Greece has been a disgrace for the last 50 years.
George Tanoudis Is this being officiated with international refs too?
Greg Tzi It will be just like a Melbourne City home game!
Adam Edessa No fans no worries. Cup coming to Thessaloniki well.
Vic Fkiaras All this violence to watch players kicking around a bag of wind. Sad, very sad

Messenia support for Dictator Papadopoulos
Constantine Spiropoulos Nostalgia for the days of the Junta? This is madness. While we are at it let’s return to the days of the civil war, Nazi occupation and the 1917 National Schism.
Παναγιωτης Ποντιος Big difference and distinction of the junta under Papadopoulos and the junta after they jailed their own Papadopoulos! Either way … It would be a disaster if Greece had to resort back to that again … You would think that we have learnt from the past and avoid the need for the drastic measures of that time (that were needed to save millions of lives of the poor and starving). Do not be fooled into thinking that I glorify Papadopoulos as I don’t… however the alternative available at the time would have been unthinkable… millions would have died and thousands would have been executed in a Greek equivalent to the gulag.