Greek television has suffered quite a few blows during the Greek economic crisis; a time that saw many formerly popular TV stations close. During these tumultuous years, creativity flourished, with several new shows and series sprouting across networks. To watch said top-rated gems and get a good taste of young and old Greek talent, one does not need a VPN connection or a paid membership. The most viewed programs are available online, either streamed live or are uploaded within an hour after they are released.

Otherwise known as #GNTMgr is the Hellenic Version of the internationally acclaimed Top Model series. Former Greek top model Vicky Kaya is the motherland’s version of Tyra Banks. Kaya heads the search and mentors the young female contestants, who live together in a house for several weeks while taking part in various challenges, photo shoots and meetings with members of the modelling industry. A contestant is eliminated each week until the last girl standing receives a modelling contract along with other associated prizes as Greece’s Next Top Model. The first ever season premiered on ANT1 in October 2009 with a second season launching in February 2011. Even though the show was popular ANT1 decided not to green-light a third season. In October 2018, the show made a comeback with Kaya once more at its helm, alongside a panel of judges which includes fashion photographer Dimitris Skoulos, fashion designer Angelos Bratis, and international model Iliana Papageorgiou. Following huge success the show hit back with another season which premiered on 8 September, 2019. The judges have only just gone through the initial selection.
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Thessaly, 1958. Three sisters; three completely different women. Eleni, Asimina and Droso, try to survive the harsh society of the Thessalian plain after their father’s death. Their landlord wants to marry off his son, Sergio, with the eldest of the three sisters so as to take over the girls’ estates. With a heavy heart, Eleni accepts the proposal as it is the only salvation for their debts. On the night of the wedding, the sisters find their hands dipped in blood after they kill the groom to prevent him from raping their younger sister. They vow to take the secret to their grave, but the discovery of the corpse shocks the local community and changes everything. How will the sisters prevent the truth from being revealed? This new dramatic series premiered on Greek TV last week and has a stellar multi-award winning cast, featuring Maria Kitsou, Elli Triggou, Kostas Stankoglou, Katerina Didaskalou, Theofania Papathoma, Katia Dandoulaki, Andreas Konstantinou to name a few. Rating went through the roof with audiences both in Greece and overseas tuning in to watch the anticipated premiere.
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The Voice of Greece dominates ratings every Friday and Sunday night at 9pm Greek time. The favourite talent show is part of the international series created by John de Mol, based on the concept of The Voice of Holland. It first aired on ANT1 back in January 2014 and although it was cancelled twice it has made its most successful comeback through the screen of SKAI Tv with Giorgos Lianos and Christina Boba as its hosts. The four coaches, Eleonora Zouganeli, Panos Mouzourakis, Elena Paparizou and Sakis Rouvas are currently through the process of Blind Auditions as the show aired again last week!
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MasterChef Greece is a Greek competitive cooking game show. It is an adaptation of the British show MasterChef. The first season premiered on 3 October 2010 and ended on 28 December 2010. In 2011, it was renewed for a second season which premiered on 24 December 2012. In 4 May 2017 the game come back for the third series from the Star Channel. The fourth series premiered on 10 January 2018 on Star Channel. The fourth season premiered on 10 January 2018. Ioannidis and Kontizas came back for their second series while Leonidas Koutsopoulos is the new judge in the series. Winner of season 4 was Timoleon Diamantis. The fifth season premiered on 21 January 2019. All three chefs from season 4 remain as judges. The winner of season 5 was Manolis Sarris. Season 6 kicks of in January with applications having exceeded previous records.
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The most viewed – time and time again, and then some – TV series in Greece returns but not as a rerun this time. The much-loved group of friendsreunite 20 years later, answering all the questions the series’ fans were left wondering about! The drama-loving group of seven: Manos, Mihalis, Iro, Vasilis, Aris, Mania and Athina were Greek TV’s response to the success of Beverly Hills 90210 that lifted Greece’s third largest city’s profile, turning Patras into the-place-to-be. Some of the country’s most famous actors are starring; Alkis Kourkoulos, Konstantinos Markoulakis, Viki Vilioti, Dimitris Alexandris, Giorgos Pyrpassopolos, Christina Alexanian, Angelki Dimitrakopoulou, Maria Nafpiotou and Odysseas Papaspiliopoulos are only some of the names.
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Vicky Kaya (see Greece’s Next Top Model) is also the host on another super popular fashion reality show. On shopping star, a style-focused game-show, the contestants try to dress up for a virtual event and the one that manages to pull-together the best outfit wins. Anyone can apply to be on this show: mums, students, grandmothers, wanna-be-models… the list is long. The players are given a limited budget, limited time and only a few stores within one suburb each time. They are also judged by the other contestants, an aspect of the game that often offers good laughs but has also come under fire for encouraging bullying. The plot can be addictive!
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Returning for the second season on ANT1 TV, following its noteworthy success, the series focuses on the story of two women, Katia and Maria. Katia sacrifices herself to save her daughter Marina, and faces life imprisonment. Marina, a lawyer, takes the case and defends Katia without knowing she is her biological mother. New, darker secrets surface thanks to plot twists that turn everyone’s lives upside down. The list of protagonists includes Marianna Toumasatou, Dora Makrygianni, Kostas Kazanas, Evaggelia Moumouri and Markella Giannatou.
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For those more interested in Greece’s socioeconomic state, this show running its fifth year is a Hellenic version of Current Affair airing every noon from 12pm till 2pm. The host, acclaimed editor-in-chief and producer Zina Koutselini and her team travel across the country trying to bring the issues that no one talks about to the surface. Zina’s reporters create conversation, featuring real people that need to be heard.
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Comedian and presenter Nikos Moutsinas offers side splitting laughs and fiery commentary on Greec’s day-to-day every afternoon at 3pm local time. With different famous and up-and-coming guests each day he touches on several topics with a unique, fun and funny quirk.
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More than a handful of Greek TV stations called it quits but TV Open decided to take the plunge and present Greek audiences with its on take on news and entertainment. A new morning show featuring blonde bombshell Katerina Kenourgiou has hit the small screen, airing every weekday at 9.45am Greek time. Similar to the morning show, the panel with Kenourgiou at its helm discusses everything that happened the day before on a national and international level. Kind of like a magazine, the host moves from topic to topic covering fashion trends, events, film releases, news, cooking, health, astrology and more.
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