The victims of Australia’s bushfires were remembered in the closing ceremony of the Trikala Christmas theme park recently with a bright show of solidarity on Monday evening.

At the theme park’s closing ceremony the mayor of the city Dimitris Papastergiou called on the crowd to send a message of support to the people of Australia by simultaneously turning on the torches on their mobile phones.

A record 1,475 354 visitors came to enjoy the sights at Greece’s largest theme park in Trikala over a 39-day period ending on Monday, January 6.

Meanwhile, Greeks Abroad has pledged financial support for Greeks and Australians affected by the devastating bushfires.



“We are ready to offer support though our sister organisations with whatever means we have at at our disposal and are awaiting for information from the Greek foreign minister (Nikos Dendias),” said the organisation in a statement.

“In the coming days we will publicise accounts that have already been opened and are managed by Greek operators in Australia, so that people can actively support those who found themselves on the side of the road watching their properties burn to the ground.

“We are confident that Greek expatriate communities who are always in solidarity with their fellow human beings in trouble will respond with willingness and love”.