British comedian Stephen Fry appeared in a video posted by the Greek Embassy in the United Kingdom congratulating Greece for the 200th anniversary of the country’s Independence.

“It is a much much longer period that we have to thank you for, because you were there at the birth of our civilisation and you planted the seeds that we have reaped throughout our civilisation,” he said in the video.

“Greece is an idea as well as a modern Republic. And so when we look back at the 200 years in which you established your freedom and independence, through a few problems here and a few problems there, we celebrate the strength and vigour of the Greek people, the descendants of the great heroes.”

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Mr Fry has long been a philhellene and a lover of ancient Greek classics, even writing his own books and podcasts on the topic.

He continues on in the video imploring the UK to return the Parthenon Marbles to their rightful home.

“I shall do my very best over the rest of my life to see if we can, in Britain, return what is yours in the shape of the Marbles of the Parthenon. That would be a great and classy act on the part of my nation that I am urging them to do. It’s probably too late for your birthday as such, but I will keep trying and so will those of us who love Greece will,” he concluded.

Take a look at his full video message below.