Ross J Robertson


The ancient past of Peristeri will soon be open for exploration!

“This was never going to be ‘just another dive.’ The anticipation alone had already made it special. I had been dreaming of being granted access to the Peristera shipwreck for …


Exceptional Greeks: What being a doctor is really about

Meet 48-year-old Professor Demosthenes, better known as Dimi. He has a Doctorate in Medicine, is a member of the UK’s Royal College of Physicians and is an Associate Professor in …


An innovative young farmer, going against the grain

Many of us own what is one of the great unsung institutions of the modern era – the humble workbench. A surface invariably cluttered with all manner of things, ranging …


Dimitri Galon: A Greek national treasure

On reaching 100m below, even the Mediterranean Sea is dark, cold and a thoroughly lonely place. With each exhalation, the bubbles expelled from the respirator disappear in the eerie gloom, …


The Australian Evzone in New York

In such discouraging and disorienting times, Jason found purpose in the Greek ideal and its proud history.