Ross J Robertson


Road to Remembrance (Part 4): Civil War

On 18 October, as the Germans were still desperately trying to evacuate Thessaloniki, Papandreou entered Athens to establish the prearranged ‘National Liberty’ government, only to find the economic, social and …


Road to Remembrance (Part 3): Operation Manna

The month began inauspiciously for the occupiers. As recorded in the German Navy War Diary, a new Royal Navy task force comprising “three aircraft carriers, two cruisers and five destroyers” …


Road to Remembrance (Part 2): A failed chance at early liberation

In what became known as the ‘Rhodes’ or ‘Rome’ dilemma, Churchill had long favoured an early Allied liberation of Greece as a prerequisite to securing the Balkans, bringing neutral Turkey …


Road to Remembrance (Part 1): The WWII Liberation of Greece

Few realise that the very first Allied victory of WWII was achieved by the Greek Army as it successfully repelled the 28th of October 1940 invasion attempted by Italian fascists. …


The ancient past of Peristeri will soon be open for exploration!

“This was never going to be ‘just another dive.’ The anticipation alone had already made it special. I had been dreaming of being granted access to the Peristera shipwreck for …


Exceptional Greeks: What being a doctor is really about

Meet 48-year-old Professor Demosthenes, better known as Dimi. He has a Doctorate in Medicine, is a member of the UK’s Royal College of Physicians and is an Associate Professor in …


An innovative young farmer, going against the grain

Many of us own what is one of the great unsung institutions of the modern era – the humble workbench. A surface invariably cluttered with all manner of things, ranging …


Dimitri Galon: A Greek national treasure

On reaching 100m below, even the Mediterranean Sea is dark, cold and a thoroughly lonely place. With each exhalation, the bubbles expelled from the respirator disappear in the eerie gloom, …


The Australian Evzone in New York

In such discouraging and disorienting times, Jason found purpose in the Greek ideal and its proud history.