Picture this. Your grandson is about to get married in Greece and you are stuck in Australia with no prospect of being able to travel anytime soon.

Pre-COVID, this would be an unlikely scenario for most. But things have changed drastically since 2020.

For Stavros*, the reality-check came when his grandson told him he would postpone his wedding to ensure he could attend.

At his north-west Melbourne home, Stavros was trying to think of a way to give his blessing without feeling guilty nor needing to be physically present in his Greek village where the ceremony would take place.

When it comes to life events as big as your grandson’s marriage, the cultural protocol of gift-giving can be some kind of consolation to non-attending.

For Stavros at least, that is how it appears to have worked.

The Delphi Bank customer told the team who assisted him to transfer funds, that this gesture was enough to keep him happy while feeling OK instructing the couple not to postpone the wedding.

Photo: Pixabay

He said that at least he is “hoping to be able to travel soon for the christening of his first great-grandchild”. Yes, the grandson and his now-wife are expecting their first child.

During the pandemic, overseas money transfers have proved for some of us a tangible way to support loved ones in Greece, be it for joyful happenings like weddings and christenings, or through difficult times such as helping relatives cover the cost of a medical bill or a funeral.

Delphi Bank has again launched its annual FX campaign to make the service easily accessible and cost-saving through a dedicated offer.

The FX Campaign waives Delphi Bank fees for all Foreign Currency transactions and overseas money transfers.

What you need to know:

  • No Delphi Bank foreign currency exchange fees when buying or selling Euro, Pounds or US dollars
  • No Delphi Bank fees on International Telegraphic Transfers
  • The Delphi Bank zero fee offer is available until Friday 16 July 2021
  • There is no minimum or maximum limit to the amount you wish to send
  • The offer is available to both existing and new individual customers

There are varying reasons as to why people send money overseas.

For those of us in Australia with personal and business affairs in Greece or elsewhere in the world, travel restrictions have added a few new ones to the list. And they don’t seem to go away anytime soon.

A case heard before the Federal Court recently, attempted to challenge the Health Minister’s power to “legally enforce the travel ban that has prevented thousands of Australians from attending weddings and funerals, caring for dying relatives and meeting newborn babies.”

But the judges’ ruling, while accepting that “travel restrictions are harsh” has upheld the ban on international travel, which is expected to remain in place until mid-way through 2022.

Delphi Bank has a history of supporting the community through an extensive sponsorship program.

Facilitating connection with Greek culture is also at the heart of their commitments.

The FX campaign, they say, is premised on the same spirit of providing services that help people stay connected with loved ones and community, “because whilst we still may not be able to travel as freely, our connection to culture never ends.”

Another client who used the service was Maria*. Born and raised in Greece, she had worked closely with a church-parish there, assisting foster children and individuals/families in need.

While in Australia, Maria has been sending funds to the church priest in support of their charity work on a regular basis, lately giving almost every fortnight.

She told her local branch representatives that the offer waiving bank fees for the overseas transfer is the reason she can afford “to send that little bit extra every time to help as much as possible.”

*Not their real name. The Delphi Bank clients’ case studies and testimonials presented in this article are real. Anonymity has been maintained to protect customer privacy.

The Fee Free offers are available until Friday 16 July 2021. Terms and conditions apply. For more information visit the Delphi Bank website delphibank.com.au or call 1300 660 550.

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