Delphi Bank proves once again that it is an integral part of the Greek Australian community.

As uncertainty unfolds across the world and amongst the diasporans due to the consequences of the pandemic, and as travel plans are cancelled making it impossible to travel home and see loved ones, Delphi Bank adapts its services to meet the new needs arising within the community.

Delphi Bank has launched an offer allowing its customers to send money overseas free of charge to their loved ones, wherever they may be in the world.

The Fee Free Telegraphic Transfer offer is available across all 15 Delphi Bank branches until Friday 28 August 2020. The service initially available until 31 July was extended for one more month when the Victorian Government announced a second lock-down under stage 3 restrictions for Metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire. With this fee free offer, customers (and new-to-bank customers) of Delphi Bank can wire transfer funds to any bank in the world, quickly, securely and with zero fees*.

The Fee Free Telegraphic Transfer offer is beneficial to those expats for instance, who wish to relocate back to Greece, or anywhere in the world, as they can transfer funds across to their bank account in the country they will be settling in. There is no maximum limit to the amount you wish to send.

Moreover, there are thousands of Greek Australians who have property and pay taxes in Greece. This year, due to the travel ban on overseas travel imposed by the Australian Government on all citizens and permanent residents, it will be impossible to settle these affairs in person. The Fee Free Telegraphic Transfer will allow Delphi Bank customers to send the funds needed to their accounts in Greece so they can pay their taxes that are due to be issued soon by the Greek Tax Office.

In general, the telegraphic transfer service offered by Delphi Bank simplifies procedures, allowing its customers to process a wide range of payments overseas, from medical bills to more considerable purchases even, such as buying a property in another country.

If you’re not an existing customer of Delphi Bank, you can open a new account online and arrange for funds to be transferred overseas within a matter of days.

Over the years Delphi Bank has nurtured the growth of the Greek community through their extensive sponsorship program, continuing to help make a positive difference through a diverse range of initiatives and assistance programs.

*The Fee Free Telegraphic Transfer offer is available until Friday 28 August 2020. Terms and conditions apply. For more information visit the Delphi Bank website or call 1300 660 550.

Delphi Bank is proudly part of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited.