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  • 22 Feb 2017 (0)

    With her stunning blog, Chloe Koromila is setting out to promote Greece as one of the top wedding destinations in the world.

  • 27 Feb 2015 (0)

    Husband and wife duo Ekaterina and Attila Vrettes created wedding stationery business that has revolutionised the invitation process.

  • 8 Aug 2011 (0)

    Neos Kosmos looks at all the traditions associated with weddings

  • 8 Aug 2011 (0)

    Penni Pappas looks at the benefits of signing a pre-nup

  • 8 Aug 2011 (0)

    Melissa Chrys looks at that all important dress - your wedding dress

  • 4 Aug 2011 (0)

    Neos Kosmos looks the different ways you can get creative for your hen's night

  • 4 Aug 2011 (0)

    Ever think you would see a horse at a wedding reception? Penni Pappas investigates how to find the perfect venue to suit your needs

  • 28 Jul 2011 (0)

    A how-to guide on dressing the man of the moment

  • 27 Jul 2011 (0)

    Sarah Robertson looks at the dream Santorini wedding and how to do it

  • Wedding dress
    4 Mar 2011 (0)

    Penni Pappas talks to Anastasia Michos about the most important dress in a girl’s life

  • Evil mum. Wedding dilemma.
    22 Dec 2009 (0)

    Nicholas Damilatos from Sovereign Weddings gives you simple tips on how to overcome your common wedding dilemmas.

  • Wedding vendors. Hostage.
    22 Dec 2009 (0)

    One month out from her own wedding, MELISSA CHRYS draws on her own experience to give you the inside running on how to get the best deal from the vendors you will need to deal with

  • Wedding. Superstitions.
    1 Dec 2009 (1)

    Greeks are so superstitious they wear a mati around their neck to ward off evil spirits.But when it comes to weddings, their superstitions are designed to ensure the bride and groo

  • 1 Dec 2009 (0)

    Our bride-to-be and resident fashionista MELISSA CHRYS charts her progress through the treacherous waters that surround her upcoming wedding.

  • Grooms. Things to do.
    27 Oct 2009 (0)

    A groom’s responsibilities do not end with the wedding proposal, Catherine Kladakis discovers as she explores the role of the groom.

  • Green wedding. On your bike.
    27 Oct 2009 (0)

    Discover seven simple things you can do that will help you organise a more sustainable and environmentally friendly wedding.

  • 29 Sep 2009 (1)

    Three weddings, two countries and 250 guests were some of the challenges faced by Nadi and Spiro Pyrlis in incorporating Indian, Persian and Greek traditions into their wedding exp

  • Planning your wedding.
    18 Aug 2009 (0)

    Join Melissa Chrys as she shares the joys of planning her own wedding.

  • Alex Perry. Glamorous and elegant wedding dress.
    18 Aug 2009 (0)

    Greek Australian fashion designer, Alex Perry, shares his love of the elegant and glamorous wedding dresses with Catherine Kladakis.

  • Engagement rings.
    18 Aug 2009 (0)

    Discover what you need to consider when choosing an engagement ring.

  • 11 Aug 2009 (0)

    Organising your wedding can be disasterous unless you plan and organise to make your wedding day run smoothly.

  • Wedding planning. Choosing your bridesmaid.
    29 Jun 2009 (0)

    Choosing the right bridesmaid is not a matter of tossing a coin and leaving it to chance.

  • Wedding invitation.
    29 Jun 2009 (1)

    Wedding invitations are more than just paper, they are the guest’s first glimpse into a couple’s big day.

  • 27 Apr 2009 (4)

    Discover the reasons why you should consider using a wedding planner

  • 27 Apr 2009 (0)

    Melissa Chrys considers whether the amount a man loves you is somehow tied to the size of the rock on your finger.

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